Knowledge for Bottom Line results
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Sapient Mangement Consulting

What SMC Does
Sapient Management Consulting Inc., ISO9001-2008 registered, provides CEU's for all products, focuses on improving employee performance by working with clients through a three part process - identify success factors, provide training/development based on this criteria and boosting bottom-line ROI. We accomplish this by using a variety of assessment tools combined with key results areas & core competencies, solution development & facilitation of in-house training or public seminars, and coaching of small groups or one-on-one.

We partner with a number of clients, identify the gaps in the performance indicators, and ask the questions to refocus our clients - does the client understand why their top performers are top performers and why the bottom performers are where they are? Our mission is to substantially increase the ROI. We are SMCI ISO9001-2008 Compliant. More information.

We design in-house, customized training that meets our clients needs and goals. To learn more about our customized training contact us, read our free customized training info sheet and get more details here.

Our services include Needs Assessments, Human Resource Development, Quality, ISO Pre-Audits and Customized Solutions.
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SAPIENT MANAGEMENT INC. has developed a passionate and customer concentric philosophy to its services. Our President, Laura Boyd Brown, carries that commitment with great pride and it reflects our mission to provide you with the very best in training, seminars and coaching.
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Continuing Education Units (CEU'S)
Continuing education units had their beginnings in the 1960's when traditional education began recognizing there was more to learning than the formalized methods such as high school, technical training or a university or college degree.
Sapient Management Consulting Inc's mission is to promote and enhance quality in continuing education to adults.
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